Love Those Creepy Arkansas Monsters?

Sure, the Legend of Boggy Creek put Arkansas on the world-wide map of monsters, but there are a lot more shadowy characters rumored to live around these parts. There’s a mysterious creature in Lake Conway that drew gunfire from fishermen in the 1950’s, for example. The White River Monster is a perennial favorite. A water panther is reported to live near Heber Springs. Bizarre catfish abide in the Ozarks. And Bigfoot. There’s always, always Bigfoot.

spitzerMark Spitzer, a gar-enthusiast who teaches creative writing at UCA and edits the Toad Suck Review, has spent quality time researching the stories of Arkansas’s cryptozoological critters. He has enshrined them in Crypto-Arkansas, a book of poetry inspired by the stories of half-seen things that go bump in the Arkansas woods and rivers.

He’s also going to be at Reason in the Rock to tell us all about them, and to autograph his books. Don’t miss the fun!