Paleontologist to Speak at Reason in the Rock

Maybe you caught his presentation on transitional fossils (how cool was that!) at the monthly lecture series hosted by the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. Maybe you caught him on the news when the local stations needed someone to talk evolution. Maybe you’re about to become involved in his exciting new project…but we’ll let Dr. Joseph Daniel tell you about that one himself.

danielDr. Daniel’s academic bona fides are as rock solid as those transitional fossils. He teaches Anatomy to first-year medical students at UAMS and lectures on cancer cell biology to graduate students. At UALR he handles Paleobiology and Vertebrate Paleontology courses.

He’s all about evolution, which makes sense, since evolution is the fundamental underpinning of the biological sciences. Dr. Daniel researches how the interactions between living things and their environments affects how they change and spread. He looks at diverse things like how animals adapt to new territories, how cancer cells grow, and how living things become fossilized.

Public science education and science literacy guide all that Dr. Daniel does. He’s one of the founders of, which is the Arkansas Educational Resource Initiative for Evolution and Arkansas Paleontology.  Like Paleoaerie on  Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

Come to Reason in the Rock to hear more about the amazing things Dr. Joseph Daniel is working on, why he’s working on them, and how non-scientists can promote science, too.