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Reason in the Rock 2012 featured eight speakers and attracted over 170 attendees from across Arkansas and neighboring states. The day-long event, which was a production of the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, was held at the main branch of the Central Arkansas Library in downtown Little Rock.

The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers is grateful for the financial support Reason in the Rock received from the Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason, the James Randi Educational Foundation, and American Atheists,

The crowd of attendees was a mix of young and old and included both seasoned freethinkers and those who were new to the secular movement.

The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers also presented the inaugural Randall “Doc” Fleck Common Sense Plus Award to recognize an Arkansan who has exemplified the characteristics and qualities of a grassroots secular activist. This year’s recipient was Bart Dorsey.

The Reason in the Rock 2012 speakers and presenters included the following:


AronRa is an old hand at this atheist thing. His Ace of Clades blog on Freethought Blogs is always worth the read, and his YouTube videos are always worth the watch.

Jerry DeWitt

Jerry is the first graduate of The Clergy Project and a local favorite atheist advocate. At heart, he is a humanist. He explained what that is, and how most small-community religious leaders are the same.

JT Eberhard

JT hails from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. He’s a guy that’s clearly emotionally engaged in pleading for folks to come to their senses. If you’ve ever been stumped by the “Stalin was an atheist” argument, JT gives you the response. Follow JT’s “What Would JT Do?” blog.

Lauren Lane

Lauren is one of the forces behind Skepticon. Lauren’s frenetic energy and engaging personality are the face of Skepticon.

Cindy Cooper

Cindy volunteers with Camp Quest in Oklahoma, and in her presentation she described the secular kids’ summer camp and the wonderful experiences it has to offer youth ages 8 to 17.

Teresa MacBain

Teresa was the second graduate of The Clergy Project, and in her presentation she described that process of leaving the clergy.

Mike Thom

Mike heads the local chapter the National Atheist Party. Mike discussed the state of atheism versus politics in Arkansas.

Seth Andrews

Seth is the host of “The Thinking Atheist” podcast and is the author of the book, Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason.

 Michael Werner

Michael is a former president of the American Humanist Association and maintains his secular activism through the United Coalition of Reason. The day after the main Reason in the Rock conference, he presented an information-packed workshop on “Building and Growing a Group.”