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The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers doubled its efforts for 2013, and doubled the size of the conference. We raised funds with a Giant Godless Garage Sale (and sold a lot of books about religion!) and an Indiegogo campaign. More than 300 people attended the two-day celebration of secularism, skepticism, and science and listened to 18 presenters from all over the United States, plus a panel of leaders of the secular movement locally and nationwide on secularism in Arkansas. Check out their videos linked below.

2013 Speakers


Dan Barker, Co-President
Freedom From Religion Foundation


Ben Bell, Co-Host
Skeptics in the Pub



Lecia Brooks, Director of Outreach
Southern Poverty Law Center



William A. Cash, Jr., Director
Little Rock Area Office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)



Jerry DeWitt, Author
Hope After Faith



Matt Dillahunty, Host
The Atheist Experience & Non-Prophets Radio



Phil Ferguson, Founder
Champaign Urbana Freethinkers and SkepticMoney.com



Dan Greenberg, President
Advance Arkansas Institute



Rachel Johnson
Blogger and Activist



Sam Kooistra Executive Director
Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty



Zack Koppli
Advocate for Church/State Separation



Darrel Ray, Chairman & Founder
Recovering From Religion



Rudy Rieple, Facilitator
Socrates Cafe



Kyle Sanders, Founder, Science Advocate & Pilot
South Texas Coalition of Reason



Greta Schiller,
Film Director & Science Educator



David Silverman, President
American Atheists



Johnny Stine, Science Advocate & Researcher
North Coast Biologics



Jason Wiles Assistant Director
McGill University’s Evolution Education Research Centre