Science Education Under Attack


The Arkansas state legislature is famous these days for proposing bills that would weaken educational standards and endorse certain religious teachings and superstition. At Reason in the Rock March 14, Diana Castillo, the State Chapter Coordinator at the Secular Coalition for America, will tell us what we can do about it.

In this spring’s legislative session, Arkansas lawmakers have filed bills to eliminate achievement testing of home-schooled students and of public high school students. It’s no secret that the Common Core standards are being assaulted by Republicans nationwide. Every school year the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers hears about teachers who refuse to teach evolution is science class, and even one who used her history class’s segment on the Stone Age to dispute evolution.

Register to attend Reason in the Rock to hear this presentation. Learn how anyone can take action to improve the intellectual functioning of our state. The better our education and the higher our students achieve, the better for us all.