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Dr. Johnny Stine

JStine PhotoJohnny Stine was born in southern California, but was raised in Arkansas on the prairies of Des Arc and in Ozark foothills of Searcy. From these early years onward, he began studying world religions seeking answers to the origins of such philosophies and began delving deeply into the biological sciences. He attended the University of Arkansas where he received a BS in Microbiology and a BS in Zoology with extra courses in physics and chemistry. While continuing graduate work in Microbiology at the U of A, not only did he gain a deeper understanding of the micro and macro universe, he also learned how to debate successfully with Christian evangelists. In 1989, as a graduate student and research technician at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, he immersed himself for several years into further understanding the mechanisms involved in cancer, cell biology, and immunology. He left Memphis in 1994 for the Pacific Northwest where he has indigenous roots, access to an outdoor paradise, and exposure for the first time to applied biomedical sciences known as biotechnology. After 18 years of working in the industry, he has worked with two biotech companies and started two of his own (the latest called North Coast Biologics) in pursuit of therapeutics for cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmunity. In addition to contributing to a fine science community in the Pacific Northwest, he has become active in promoting science, reason, and logic to address issues involving those deeply rooted in religion, politics, and even biotechnology. He follows the works of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Christopher Hitchens, and other atheists in his spare time.